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One of the most common small problems around the house is having a malfunctioning door. If your door squeaks, sticks, or has other problems opening or closing, it is often an issue several times a day for anyone who lives in the house.

Door repair is not always a straightforward task, but in most cases, it is not incredibly involved, either. If you're tired of dealing with an offending door, consider the Anchorage handyman experts at BRS Services.

Sticking or Swelling Doors
Changes in temperature and humidity can cause swelling, and subsequently sticking, of an entry door. Repair for this situation will involve sanding down the portion of the door that sticks and causes friction.

Sagging Door Repair
A door will occasionally sag under its own weight and bind in the doorframe. If the situation isn't corrected, it will worsen over time until it's virtually impossible to open or close the door.

Drafty Entry Door Repairs
Especially in colder climates like Alaska, a drafty entry door can make a room that would be perfectly comfortable into a far less pleasant place. Two very common solutions to this problem are adding weather stripping or installing a storm door. Weather stripping comes in a few different varieties, and can be installed in a couple different ways. When done properly by a handyman professional, it is a sure fix for drafts that is cost-effective and quick.

Hiring BRS Services for Door Repairs
Entry door repair is a project that generally doesn't take too much time, especially for an experienced professional. However, if you're not the do-it-yourself type, you may want to hire a handyman like BRS Services to come and do the job for you. Even folks with some experience in fixing things around the house might want to call our handyman experts for door repair and group it together with a few other odd projects.

If you need help repairing your doors, give us a call today! 907-258-0471

BRS Services - Door Repairs
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BRS Services is your local Anchorage handyman serving area customers with complete knowledge and expertise.  We have built our reputation by providing a high quality services at competitive prices on all of our projects. We are a full service handyman contractor with the tools and equipment to get the job done right. No job is too small!

We specialize in plumbing repairs, drywall repairs, house repairs, door installation, door replacement, door repairs, pipe leaks, clogged drains, garbage disposals, deck repairs, toilets, sinks, heating repairs, boiler repair, property maintenance, commercial maintenance, bathroom, kitchen, garages, custom building, home remodeling, home renovations...and more!

BRS Services is committed to providing our clients with the finest quality handyman services with professionalism and attention to detail. We take care of each customer’s needs from start to finish and are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have or clarify anything about your project. In short, we are always there for you.

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Professional & Experienced Anchorage Handyman

When you’re living in Anchorage, Alaska, trust your handyman needs to the experienced professionals at BRS Services.

BRS Services is all about top quality service, great craftsmanship and an overall enjoyable experience for our clients. We are locally owned and operated and highly skilled in all aspects of home repair and maintenance. When you need a handyman to take care of that ever growing to-do list, BRS Services is here to serve you.

Benefits of Working with BRS Services

  • Responsiveness – One call to us and we move fast to help you.
  • Reliability – Our company offers year round services for our Anchorage area clients.
  • Flexibility – Fully compliant with your billing procedures and with your needed repairs and services.
  • Specialized Service – BRS Services has been doing handyman services in Anchorage for years, and in that time we have specialized our service to give great care to our work while providing top notch customer service.
  • Locally Owned - and proud of it! We live in Anchorage and take pride in the work we do for all the local residents and companies we serve.

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